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Where we are

All master activity (classes, practical courses, etc.) is done in the ETSI Industriales (the School/ La Escuela), one of the flagships of UPM. We are located downtown, in Paseo de la Castellana, the main nerve crossing Madrid North-to-South. This means that you will be able to find flats/rooms nearby while enjoying other things of Madrid.

Overview of CEI-UPM

All teachers involved in the Master of Industrial Electronics are deeply engaged with the Centre of Industrial Electronics. We all are in a very active research group, with important National and International recognition.  Our research lines are related to the research itineraries that we offer in our Master Program, so be sure that the teaching staff has average high research skills, capable of teaching updated knowledge (we constantly work with companies and cooperate in research projects with national and international consortia).

Along years, we have cooperated with probably over a hundred of companies and participated in competitive projects, many of them at European level, funded by the European Commission by means of Programs or actions such as H2020 or ECSEL JU.

However, one of our assets is that you, as a potential student of this Master, will have the chance to work side by side with us, our labs and our classroom are just a few meters away from any teacher’s office, and cooperation is continuous.


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